Breaking Bad

Character: Walter White
Watch: Tag Heuer Monaco

Previously in the series, Walt wore what appears to be a Casio CA-53W-1 or a similar Casio calculator watch.

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5 Responses to Breaking Bad

  1. Casio CA 53 amazing watch

  2. Your website rules. Just informed me that I wear the same watch as Walt. HollA!!

    • The Watch Spotter says:

      Thank you. I intend on becoming more active and adding more TV shows and movies, but just haven’t found the time.

  3. John says:

    Can you identify Walt’s new watch? I’ve been dying to find out what it is!

    • The Watch Spotter says:

      Yes. It is a Tag Heuer Monaco. I haven’t had any time lately, but I intend on continuing with updating this site, so keep checking back. I try to identify any watches in shows that I watch.

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