Character: Dexter Morgan
Watch: Waltham Self-Winding 25 Jewel

This very watch has the same “Speidel Twist-O-Flex” band as Dexter’s.

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20 Responses to Dexter

  1. o5 says:

    where can i buy one like this?

  2. o5 says:

    thanks for all

  3. jackie says:

    this appears a lot but also it can be a vintage timex

  4. m99 says:

    how is the complete name of the watch?waltham selwinding 25 jewels only this?

    • The Watch Spotter says:

      The watch is a “Waltham Self Winding 25 Jewel”. I have one, and there are no other markings.

  5. m99 says:

    i am very very interested in buy one are you interested in sell it? thanks

  6. 05 says:

    thanks for all now i have uy one i love it

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  8. Judie says:

    The hands are different…

    • Judie says:

      And the crown, it´s more like a Timex crown. Walthams have the “W” on that model, isn´t?

      • Judie says:

        Maybe it´s not an actually brand, just an item to compose the character. A “scenographic watch” (with parts of several brands). The case is very similar, indeed.

      • The Watch Spotter says:

        Oh no, it is. The information leading to the discovery of this watch was derived from a crew member on Dexter. A member of “The RPF” forum came into contact with them.

      • The Watch Spotter says:

        The crown on both of my Waltham watches (one of them being a gold version of this very watch) is as you describe. They both have W imprinted on them.

    • The Watch Spotter says:

      There exist variations of the Waltham 25 jewel watch within this general design, however they all consist of the same round numerals and the same case design. I have a gold version of this watch, and it has thinner hands and no red arrow at the end of the second hand.

  9. John Gomillion says:

    I have a Dexter Morgan watch if you are interested. It is listed on Ebay and ends in 3 1/2 Days

  10. CioppM says:

    I just bought the exact watch….even has the flat hour and minute tip ends. I was suprised at how light it was….is that normal? I dropped it off at my watch shop to be serviced polished and made like new. Just was wondering about the weight. Most of my automatic watches are much heavier.

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